Create wholehearted connection with your loved one
through compassionate responses and evidence based tools, so you can become their best chance for choosing and sustaining recovery.

Being vulnerable with your loved one takes courage from both of you. Honor that. Be persistent. Have patience.
You are not alone. I had two girls who were IV heroin Users, Lost my brother to IV drug use and was married to men who suffered from use-disorders.
Where There is Life, There is Hope.

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"From our first session, Andrea instilled confidence and hope in how to parent our son in our post trauma phase of his substance use recovery. She grounded us on caring but firm principles, and set “guard rails” to parent our son by, which we never had before. As advisor and coach, she provides us communication tools and new thinking that have helped us to interact, support and guide our son in a caring and yet firm manner. The tools and principles she reinforces are helping us change from helpless, struggling parents to executive decision makers in our household."
Lisa and Greg K.


"In less than 30 days of working with Andrea and her incredible resources, our daughter who was homeless for 8 months, addicted to crystal meth, has dual diagnosis, and who had very little contact with us, is in treatment." UPDATED ... Now 2.5 years late she is still sober, managing a restaurant and feeling good!
Peter and Debra C.