No! Don’t Let Go! Be your loved ones’ best chance for recovery!

‘Letting go’, has been the standard advice in traditional approaches to addiction and recovery. With the overdose rate increasing every day, letting go could be deadly and often leads to destroying the very thing that we want for our family and our loved ones-recovery. Recovery from substance-use-disorder requires connecting with compassion and love.


We offer a new perspective and program for recovery, both for yourself and to help your loved ones. It is possible to get your sanity and life back and become their best chance at recovery. If you have never felt so hopeless, angry, afraid, isolated, or been challenged so much that it’s tearing you apart, we are here to help.

Families United for Recovery provides a practical and spiritual method to families struggling with substance-use-disorder and other addictions with their loved ones. Research shows when families get into recovery it can mean all the difference in the world for their loved one.

We’re here to help you recover from the pain and hopelessness now!

In less than 30 days of working with Andrea and her incredible resources, our daughter who was homeless for 8 months, addicted crystal meth, has dual diagnoses, and who had very little contact with us, is in treatment. Thanks to Andrea, we can finally sleep at night.
Peter and Debra Cappos
My mom’s been working with Andrea now for over a year. The transformation has been remarkable. Not only in my mom, in the way we interact and communicate, but also through me and my life.
Daughter of one of Andrea’s clients
Andrea is such a positive upbeat person to have as a coach. She has helped me to view many issues in alternate ways that do not “flood” me.  We have worked on some great tools and charts to bring more calm.  Learning to respond rather than react. She has guided me in healthy ways to take care of myself first. I would highly recommend Andrea.
Stacey from PA

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Many of our families around the country as well as internationally, prefer private Family Recovery Coaching via phone and Skype, to help families regain their connection, inner peace and be their loved ones best chance for recovery. For more information on private coaching and to schedule a complimentary session please call (424)203-4569 or email

We also offer a 12-month, online family comprehensive education program with live webinars and a library of recordings of professionals, which offer all evidence based recovery tools and strategies please contact us at the above phone or email for more information on this .

Mother Gets Homeless Daughter with Dual Diagnosis, Into Recovery

Fathers Gets Daughter with Dual Diagnosis into Recovery Working with Families United for Recovery